Sylvia's School of Dance

Why Choose Us?



 We know there are many options out there and that it can be difficult to decide which studio will be the best fit for you and your family. There are several key factors that distinguish us from the rest- here's why you should choose Sylvia's School of Dance for your dance education:



 Sylvia's School of Dance has been in business for 43 years. Our faculty and staff are carefully chosen so we can offer the most experienced, knowledgeable, and well-rounded teachers. When you pay your monthly tuition at Sylvia's, you are paying for a diverse dance education, personalized and respectful instruction and corrections, and insightful and inventive choreography.


We pride ourselves on providing our students with the best possible dance education we can give them. We are constantly thinking of new ways to engage our students and help them grow into the best dancers they can be. Sylvia and Maren are in regular attendance at the Dance Teacher Summit, a convention held annually in New York City. From the conference they bring back not only cutting edge and innovative new ideas from the dance world, but experience in taking class from world renowned choreographers and studio owners. They continue their own dance education by attending master tap classes each fall, and Sylvia attends ballet conventions all over the country. Further, our entire staff works to stay diverse in their teaching methods and material.

Our studio is conveniently located in downtown Lockport, easily accessible to our students in surrounding communities. Our spacious building includes 2 large studios with hardwood floors, portable ballet barres, and up to date sound equipment. We also have 2 large foyers which serve as waiting/changing areas, a separate office area, and a floor dedicated to prop-making and costume storage. We also provide our students with several different pieces of equipment and apparatus to help them improve in various dance styles and flexibility! Our studios are so large that our students are able to comfortably dance in the dimensions of the stage on which they will be performing at the end of the year!
Without a doubt, we give you the most "bang for your buck"! The quality of dance education we are providing compared with our monthly rates cannot be matched! Almost ALL costs are included in your monthly payments - costume, recital fee,   tuition- it's all part of your payment! When the year comes to an end you know there won't be any surprises. Further, our payment system makes it convenient for you to stay up to date and current on all payments.
We are a family business, and in turn we provide an atmosphere where our students can have fun and grow while making life-long friends and learning valuable life lessons. Students at Sylvia's form bonds and friendships with each other that last throughout their dance careers at the studio. Some of our dancers even go so far as to call the studio their "second home", and we wouldn't want it any other way! 

With our 40+ years of experience, Sylvia's School of Dance is able to produce a well-run, organized, and most importantly entertaining recital each year. We even have a videographer and photographer at each show, so a DVD and photos of your dancers can be purchased afterwards!