Sylvia's School of Dance

Studio Policy and Dress Code



 In order for our dancers and families to get the most out of their experience at Sylvia's School of Dance, we ask that you please adhere to the policies and dress codes we have set throughout the entire year.


CLASS PLACEMENT - It is very important for us to place students in a class where they will gain the most from their dance experience. Students are placed in classes according to their age, ability level, and speed of learning. Students will be placed in the appropriate classes at the teachers' discretion, not the parent's.

 ATTENDANCE - Students are expected to attend all of their weekly classes during the week. Frequent tardiness and/or absences interrupts the progress of the entire class. We stress the importance of having good attendance throughout the year so students can gain the most from their dance education! If periods of frequent absences are anticipated, parents should speak with the teacher to find an alternate class or solution. If frequent absences become a habit, the student's placement in that class or group may be compromised.

PUNCTUALITY - Lateness disrupts and distracts the class in progress. Students are expected to arrive approximately 10-15 minutes early and to be prepared to begin at their classes' allotted time. This includes being dressed appropriately, hair up, and shoes on!

PARENTS WATCH WEEKS - Parents may watch the class three times during the dance year. These include the first week of class in September, the first week of February, and the last week of classes in May. Please remember that the teacher is in charge. We ask that you please be considerate of the class in session and stay out of the dance studio itself. Noise, excessive talking and unattended children are a distraction. For the remainder of the year, parents may pick students up at either the upper landing of the stairs for the upstairs studio or the foyer for the downstairs studio. Please be aware that watch weeks are for PARENTS ONLY.  

PAYMENTS - Payments are due the first week of each month from September-April. If no payment has been received by November, your costumes will not be ordered with the rest of the group's and may be subject to additional charges when they are. If no payment has been made by January, students will not be allowed to return to class until all payments are up to date. 


 All students should adhere to the appropriate dress guidelines for their classes. For all female dancers, it is MANDATORY that hair be worn up and away from the face for all classes, preferably in a bun. Bangs must also be pulled away from the face. There should be no hair accessories that will distract from the student’s attention i.e. headbands, beads, etc. 

For dress code requirements, each group number and dance style is outlined for our dancers and will be mailed out/given upon class registration. The studio carries all colors of tights, as well as a limited supply of leotards, shorts, dance tops, and skirts.


The studio will carry all specified brands and versions of shoes (aside from Pointe shoes and those required for pre-school classes). For all other dance shoe needs, we will give recommendations upon registration. Please note the specific brand and style of shoe needed for each class and group, as all dancers must have the same required shoes.


Please Note:

 **Students MUST be dressed correctly and arrive with the appropriate shoes for each class. Because of safety reasons and distractions, if they are not dressed correctly they may NOT be allowed to participate in their class. This rule will be strictly enforced in all classes, ESPECIALLY acro.

**Students taking Technique classes may wear any dance clothes that allows them to be comfortable, move freely, and move through their full range of motion for stretching and other movements.

 **There will be absolutely NO T-SHIRTS allowed in ANY classes (with the exception of male students). Any students wearing a t-shirt will be asked to take it off.

 **All students in a 1-hour ballet class MUST have their hair in a bun, NO EXCEPTIONS.