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Sylvia's School of Dance
Phone Number: 716-433-6932

Physical Address:
33 Pine St
Lockport,  New York 14094

Map Location:
33 Pine St
Lockport, New York 14094
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2019 Studio Summer Events:


If you would like to sign up or have any questions, please e-mail us at If you would like to participate in any or all of these classes, you can register via email or show up to the studio for the class you would like to take! 

 Class descriptions:

ACRO CAMP - Students will work on flexibility, strength, and perform various drills to aid in the completion of their skills. We will also utilize different pieces of equipment to learn new skills and perfect current skills!

HIP HOP - Dancers will begin with a warm-up/across the floor exercises and then will learn a short combination and perform in different small groups!

TAP - Dancers will begin with a warm-up and then progress into various across the floor combinations, perform different rhythm-building/music counting exercises, and learn a combination in the center.

 JAZZ TECHNIQUE - This class will focus on the different elements involved in any jazz class, with a strong emphasis on flexibility and stretching, body awareness and alignment, turns, jumps, and across the floor exercises which will challenge the dancers'  technical execution of skills!

SSOD fit/SSOD fit KIDS! - We are stealing our classic technique warm-up and turning it into a full on class! Participants will work their cardiovascular health as well as hit all major muscle groups in a circuit-type format using various pieces of equipment! All fitness levels and participants are welcome! 

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