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PRESCHOOL - Our youngest class available, students may start at age 3. A specially constructed class which concentrates on the development of rhythm through tap. It also offers creative movement and refines large motor skills through obstacle courses, games, and more!                                             


COMBINATION CLASS - Gives the student an opportunity to explore all forms of dance offered at our studio: tap, jazz and ballet. Produces a well-rounded dance student.                                                     

1-HOUR TAP/BALLET- for the younger student and beginners 7-12. Tap and introduction to ballet



 2-HOUR TAP/JAZZ/BALLET- For students approximately 8 years old and older with a base knowledge of tap and jazz. Ballet barre  and technique is given in addition to more advanced tap and jazz technique. 




TAP - A class that teaches students to follow and create rhythms with the feet, as well as finding and dancing to the beat of the music. Students will begin with basic steps and progress into more complex movements involving multiple sounds. 


JAZZ - Our jazz classes provide students with a proper warmup with emphasis on stretching and technique, then move into various progressions of turns and jumps across the floor. Students will also learn various combinations to link different steps and movements together.



 BALLET - Ballet is the foundation of all dance, teaching technique, body alignment, and building strength throughout the body. Ballet class requires concentration and focus and complements all other styles of dance. Ballet is a part of all 2-hour and up combination classes. Ballet basics are introduced as early as the preschool classes.



HIP HOP - A popular form of dance incorporating small, isolated movements and usage of different parts of the body origination from the core. Our hip hop classes provide students with high-energy, fun-filled dance movements to music they will love!




LYRICAL - A form of dance incorporating elements of ballet and jazz, teaching dancers to explore artistry while conveying a story to the audience. A certain level of maturity is needed for lyrical classes as well as a strong ballet foundation. Dancers must possess the necessary strength in their feet, legs, and arms to move gracefully and fluidly throughout the class. Students MUST be taking ballet in order to take lyrical.


POINTE- Pointe students must be AT LEAST 13 years old and will be chosen based on their body strength, the extent of their ballet background, class attendance, and work ethic. Pointe classes require a high level of focus and concentration as well as developed strength in the feet, ankles and legs.

ACRO -  A combination of athleticism, dance, and acrobatics. Acro classes build skills based on floor exercises and tumbling and incorporate them into dance. Develops strength, flexibility and coordination. Acro participants must demonstrate the necessary strength needed to hold themselves up and take themselves through a range of movements safely, using their own power.For ages 5 and up!


ADULT CLASSES - We offer tap classes for all levels of adults...all are welcome! Our adult classes DO perform in our annual recital.



TECHNIQUE - A HIGHLY recommended class to supplement your dance training. Students will use various pieces of equipment to build strength in and learn about the muscles they use while dancing. After a warm-up and attention on strengthening and stretching the feet, students move on to different stretches and technique work to improve the various aspects of their dancing. **TECHNIQUE IS A REQUIREMENT FOR MEMBERS OF THE DISNEY DANCE TEAM AND FOR ASSISTANT TEACHERS. IT IS ALSO REQUIRED FOR DISNEY DANCE TEAM CONSIDERATION, EXTRA CLASS CONSIDERATION, AND A PREREQUISITE FOR THE OPENING NUMBER.

EXTRA TAP/JAZZ "A" GROUPS - For those students in groups 1/2, 3, or 4/5 who are advanced dancers in these genres and are looking for a challenge, plus more dancing throughout the week. Eligible students must already be taking 1 class in that style of dance and excel in it, as well as be enrolled in a technique class. Students in these extra classes will further their learning by being introduced to more advanced steps, combinations, turns and leaps, and plays on flexibility than time allows in their regular classes. If you can already master everything learned in your regular classes, consider adding one or both of these extras to your schedule. 

DISNEY DANCE TEAM - A group that is formed every other year. Our elite team of dancers, Disney Dance Team members must be in eligible classes (mostly high school age) to be considered for the team, and may need to pass an audition. The Disney Dance Team is made up of our most dedicated, passionate, hard-working and committed dancers, who in addition to attending their regular weekly classes come to the studio for extra class and rehearsal time to put together a show performed at the Walt Disney World resort. The ULTIMATE reward for months of hard work! 








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