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Payment Policy:  

Upon registration, each family will receive a payment book to make their monthly payments.  Your class times and monthly amount are written on the front of the book.

    Lesson payments are due the first week of each month.  There are 8 payments to make (September - April).  Each monthly payment includes a costume and recital fee payment.  There is no additional costume payment due.  When you finish making your final payment in April,  you are finished paying for the year.

    All payments must be up to date to have your costume ordered.  After making your 8th payment in April, you will receive your costumes.  If for any reason you drop out before the costumes are ordered, your costume money will be refunded.  Once costumes are ordered, you are responsible for payments in full.  Tights are generally not included with costumes.  You will be billed separately for them.

    Payments are the same each month regardless of the number of classes held. NO credit is given for missed classes or snow days.

Payments are accepted in either cash or check, we DO NOT take credit card payments. 

 (1) 1 Class or 1 Hour

  46.00 Lesson
  11.00 Costume/ Recital Fee
$ 57.00 per Month

 (2) Classes or 2 Hours

  70.00 Lessons
  19.00 Costume/ Recital Fee
$ 89.00 per Month

 (3) Classes or 3 Hours

  80.00 Lessons
  27.00 Costume/ Recital Fee
$ 107.00 per Month

 (4) Classes or 4 Hours

  90.00 Lesson
    35.00 Costume/ Recital Fee
$ 125.00 per Month

 (5) Classes or 5 Hours

  100.00 Lesson
    43.00 Costume/ Recital Fee
$ 143.00 per Month

 (6) Classes or 6 Hours

  110.00 Lessons
    51.00 Costume/ Recital Fee
$ 161.00 per Month

 (7) Classes or 7 Hours

  120.00 Lesson
    59.00 Costume/ Recital Fee
$ 179.00 per Month

 (8) Classes or 8 Hours

  130.00 Lesson
    67.00 Costume/ Recital Fee
$ 197.00 per Month

(9) Classes or 9 Hours   

    140.00 Lessons

      75.00 Costume/ Recital Fee

   $215.00 per Month


(10) Classes or 10 Hours


   150.00 Lesson

      83.00 Costume/ Rectal Fee

$ 233.00 per Month 



$20.00 per Month

 Extra Tap/Jazz Classes
 $20.00 per Month, per class


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